Monday, June 21, 2010

salute to the white dog

I had never been to The White Dog, but when @RVAFoodie coordinated a Twitter meetup to support The White Dog in their last week of existance I knew I wanted to check it out. Jason (aka RVAFoodie) has made several great recommendations for me in the past and I knew this wouldn't disappoint. The White Dog did have a good casual vibe (minus one elderly man hitting on my baby sister) and I could see myself hanging out there with a friend or a group. We ended up with a free batch of catfish fingers that were quite tasty but I wasn't sad not to have discovered The White Dog earlier until my sister suggested we get dessert. Heaven!

[Bread pudding.]
The best I ever had.

[Chocolate ganache.]
As rich as the center of a truffle. With foamy whipped cream and hidden strawberry syrup.

Somehow despite the three of us at my table having eaten a full dinner and dessert prior to arrival then the catfish fingers, we managed to get through both desserts. We had been served an extra, unordered bread pudding but we gave it to Jason to return the favor.

The White Dog is open through Saturday so check it out!

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