Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cupcake craze continues

While out grabbing lunch, I spotted a new food cart in downtown Richmond- Sweet Melissa's Cupcakes. An adorable girl (presumably Melissa) was working the cart, though she bashfully refused to be photographed. She's just opened shop though has sold out most days. I should have asked what hours she's around, but you can catch these cupcakes on E. Main at 12th across from Quiznos.

At $2.25, the cupcakes aren't cheap, but compare to most specialty cupcake shops. Melissa had four varieties on sale, and a list of seven on the menu she sent with me to distribute in my office (sorry, it's just two of us here!) A glass dome covers the dislay cupcakes while the ones for sale are individually boxed in plastic take-out containers. (Bonus: free tupperware!)

I got the classic chocolate cupcake, and it managed to avoid the mistakes of many cupcakeries (yes, I just coined that word.) The cake was moist and tasted homemade. The icing was soft and not overly sweet (chocolate buttercream.) If I had gotten more than one, I would have tried the 'Humingbird' cake with cream cheese frosting.

Sorry I didn't get a closeup of the treats, my battery died after the first picture. Anyone else in Richmond tried these yet? Thoughts?

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