Friday, June 11, 2010

puerto rico: flora and fauna

[Unknown flowers]

All over Vieques there were semi-wild horses.
Their owners would ride them when they needed them, but otherwise they would roam free.

[Sting ray]
We watched a fisherman catch this sting ray. Typically sting ray is eaten in Puerto Rico, but he let this one free.

Conch is also a specialty, though I wasn't a big fan the one time I tried it. I did bring an empty conch shell I found on the beach to my little sister for a graduation present.

[Hermit crab]

[Crab claw]
What amazing colors!

Chegui chased this crab so I could get a good picture. It mostly just looks really goofy.

Somehow the colors of everything in Puerto Rico were more amazing than we have here.

These chickens lived near our guesthouse and like the horses just kind of wandered around.

[Sculpted palm tree in San Juan.]

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