Sunday, September 27, 2009

women wine wednesdays

A group of amazing women from college and I would get together in DC on Wednesdays and drink wine and chat. I hosted this past Wednesday since it was my last week in DC and last minute I decided to go a little fancier than just a bottle of wine and made mango bellinis. I will definitely miss those nights now that I'm in Richmond.

Mango Bellini
1 bottle sparkling white wine
1 8 oz bottle mango juice (100% juice)
1 ripe mango

Chop half the mango into small cubes. Place in a pitcher and pour in the sparkling wine and mango juice. Slice the rest of the mango and use as a garnish.

I also made guacamole and spinach dip. The spinach dip I didn't actually make, I bought it in a can, put in an oven-safe dish, put grated Parmesan-Asiago cheese on top and baked it.

My guac I just approximate. This time my recipe was roughly:
2 avocados
quarter of a red onion
big fist-full of cilantro
1 lime

Chop the avocado, red onion and cilantro. Put in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime over the mixture. Stir, squishing slightly.

I love guacamole so much that after making it Wednesday, I was craving it on Saturday and bought another avocado to make more. I went overboard on the red onion though. You need less than a quarter an onion per avocado, unless you really love onion. But that's not what guac is about.

I also love putting some tomato into it and while I used to mash the avocado more to make a smoother guacamole, I really like the texture of the chopped style. I think it lets the avocados shine through more. How do you like yours?

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