Saturday, September 26, 2009

i think i'll float on down to Richmondtown

Today is my last day as a DC (semi-)resident. Work is relocating me to Richmond and in the last weeks, I've found an apartment, acquired a new roommate, signed a lease and tomorrow I move down. I'll still be in DC a lot due to work and also the number of friends I have here but Richmond will be my new home. This blog will become a chronicle for the new places I enjoy in Richmond and also the process of turning my rented apartment into a dream home.

I debated getting a single bedroom apartment, especially since rent is much lower in Richmond than DC but with traveling to see my sweetie taking a large part of my budget, I decided to save the money. My roommate hasn't done too much to the place so I'll have a lot of projects coming up as I make it my home. Plus, I don't know anyone in Richmond so I'll have lots of nights in doing crafts!

1 comment:

blue roses said...

embroidery crafts!!!!

i think i may make some throw pillows for my couches; i wish you could see my place!!

wish you were here; so many stories. keep up the fun pictures, they make me happy.