Thursday, September 10, 2009

eastern market photoshow

My favorite thing about the house I just left (besides my awesome roommates) was the proximity to Eastern Market. I usually went on Sundays because that's the best day for finding cheap jewelry to repurpose. Eastern Market has crafts and vintage items every Saturday and Sunday and while there is a huge range in quality (looking at you, cheap imported jewelry!) there are amazing finds. I also love the food- after all, that's what Eastern Market is made for. It's a full-time grocery/ meat market/ seafood stand and also has delish prepared foods. Some of my favorite things to eat there:

Many farmer's market have samples of produce, but the amount of produce that farmers at Eastern Market put out means that I am half-full before I even enter the food hall. Maybe the farmers realized that people have come to the market for a lot of reasons and peaches might not be on their list. Impulse peach purchases must be at an all-time high at Eastern Market.

The Market Lunch is one of my favorite places to eat at Eastern Market. The lines are horrible, there is almost no seating, but they have amazing food. You can get all kinds of fried seafood, crab cakes, a burger and really delicious fries that must be eaten with vinegar. I skipped it last time I went though (lines!) and instead opted for the even quicker, even cheaper option.

Half-smoke! Skin on and so delicious! Just looking at the photo is giving me a craving.

One thing that market is famous for is fresh seafood. There is seafood from all over the world, but the freshest (and most delicious, shall we say?) comes straight out of the Chesapeake Bay. These softshell crabs were caught the same morning I took this photograph. If I were eating crab, I'd want it to be my Mom's crabcakes, though.

Lastly, a cool treat after walking around the stalls outside. Micha's rasberry sorbet. Many days when I've gone late, Micha has sold out of many flavors and this was the first time I had bought any. I definitely regret that because it was some of the most delicious sorbet I've ever had. You can taste the fruit and the sorbet manages to be very creamy but fresh and clean tasting. Worth a trip just for the sorbet.

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