Monday, August 17, 2009

hazy, lazy, crazy days

This weekend turned out all kinds of amazing and crazy that were totally unexpected. I took photos of several things I want to share, but am having technical difficulties with my camera (of course) so instead will share a few places I ate and hung out this weekend. To those of you familiar with DC, these are not the most secretive of hideaways but instead DC institutions that we all love.

Friday night I met up with housemates at Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. Several of my housemates had been craving falafel and I had never been but had heard great things. We left completely stuffed and staggered around Adams Morgan after our meal. At Amsterdam Falafel you basically get a falafel (there is an option for a 'small' and I recommend that size), tell them if you want white or wheat pita, and then have at a ridiculous array of toppings to choose from. The photo on the left (and below) is from their website. Mine was covered mostly in cucumbers with some fresh tomatoes, plus a little sauce. YUM! Please note the falafel pictured here is the least filled falafel I have ever seen. My roomates and I took full advantage of the toppings bar.

Definitely be sure to get the fries too. They are perfect- crispy and fresh but still clearly potato. Multiple fry-dipping options include traditional Dutch mayo, homemade peanut 'saus', malt vinegar, Old Bay seasoning and ketchup. I am a big fan of malt vinegar and Old Bay, but on fries as hot and crisp as this I prefer ketchup and/or mayo. Check out where I ate Saturday next!

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