Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blue crabbin' on the bay

Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, my friends and I loved crabbing in the summer. The 'watermen' who made their livelihood crabbing and fishing and oyster-ing used crab pots but my friends and I kept things simplier. We just put bacon on a hook and dropped it off the dock. When we felt something pulling on the end of the string, we'd scoop up the crab with a net. We never ate the crabs we caught, we'd just put them on the deck and wait for them to scurry off the side.

Chesapeake blue crabs are beautiful. People from elsewhere never realize that the crabs actually have such vibrant blue and green colors. I found these pinchers on the beach and am trying to figure out how to display them. Any ideas? I have three. (The two in the photo and one more.)

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