Monday, October 8, 2012

museum spotlight: field connections

[Photo by Matt Millman/ SF Moma website.]

A few weeks ago, I visited the SF Moma with the goal of seeing the Cindy Sherman exhibit that has been getting press left and right. Deservedly so, but the exhibit that made me gasp upon entering was a different one, Field Connections. 

"Can there be architecture without buildings? What if a wall or a floor went on forever? What happens when people move through a room? From immersive installations to intricate drawings, The works in Field Conditions pose provocative questions about the construction, experience, and representation of space." 

Most dramatic was the dual installation above, but even smaller drawings done in graphite on beige paper were complex and visually perplexing. Anyone interested in modern art or architecture should put this on their SF to-do list before it closes on January 6. 

Quote and image from the SF Moma website. 

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