Sunday, November 6, 2011

tumblights 11/6/11

Welcome to 11/11. I'm looking forward to many symmetrical days. Plus, last night was Daylight Saving Time. It came on a perfect weekend for me, as I am working all weekend plus moving apartments. We've had some mold/water issues so are staying in the same building but moving to the third (top) floor. So my extra hour will not be spend partying with friends, as it should be, but catching up on sleep. What are you spending your extra hour on?

Light Calligraphy superimposed on nature via jocundist

“Spirit Bear Destroying the Tar Sands” Mural by Krista Huot & Parskid via Flatcolor Gallery Blog

Famous paintings reproduced using a single continuous line via Faber Castell

Balloons for Bhutan: Jonathan Harris Documents Gross National Happiness via Brain Pickings

Field of 2000 Dandelions turned into art by Regina Ramseier via Inhabitat

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