Tuesday, November 15, 2011

america recycles day (intro to three part series)

[Alejandro Durán's Washed Up Series]

Today is America Recycles Day and kicks off a series I’m writing on recycling and, more broadly, the three R’s. We all remember the three R’s from school (those of us born in or after the 80s at least.) Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

These are important Rs for designers too. We, as designers, are responsible for the products we create. We pour our heart into their creation and then we hope to send them out into the world. But what happens to our products after? Are they still our responsibility? How can we make our designs comply with the three Rs? This is an issue close to my heart, merging the work I've done on climate change and sustainability with my love of design. Over the next two weeks, I’ll examine each R and discuss ways designers have taken them into consideration in their work.  

What do you think a designer’s responsibility is? Please share thoughts as well as any great examples of designers imagining great solutions to the three Rs.

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Bromeliad said...

I recently received a silk screen kit from Plaid. The packaging doubles as a light box. I thought that was prety smart.