Friday, July 8, 2011

lunch from leftovers

My recent post from Fourth of July showed a bevy of food from our cookout spread and I've been making meals from it all week. Above is the delicious grilled chicken, provolone, grilled pepper, arugula and pesto sandwich I made yesterday. All from leftovers, it was possibly the best sandwich I've ever made. Probably due to the use of homemade bread (thanks, Stephen!)

On the more actual-cooking side of things, I had some uncooked green beans from the farmers market to use. Wanting to eat more of the fresh corn, I created this Green Bean and Corn Succotash. The first day I ate it solo and today I reheated it and served over toasted crostini and basil pesto.

Green Bean and Corn Succotash


1 pint steamed green beans
2 ears of corn, removed from cob
spring onions sliced and soaked in vermouth
balsamic vinegar (not pictured)

[To prepare:]

Saute the onions in butter. Add the green beans and corn, saute until hot.
Add splash of balsamic. Salt, pepper to taste.


[For crostini, slice bread thinly. Fry in butter.]

[Spread with basil pesto]

[Cover with succotash. Enjoy!]

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