Sunday, June 19, 2011

life update

Posting has been inconsistent over the past month, partially due to my camera being broken and then sent off to repairs but also because there have been some big changes in my life. I've left my job and am preparing for a move to the West Coast. I plan to continue to the blog as I move and settle into my new city, appropriate since it was started as I learned to love Richmond.

I am sad to leave Richmond. I hope I have shown some of the magic of this Southern city that I have discovered. I'll have a few more Richmond posts before I join the Partner-in-Crime in the Bay Area and begin again making a new city home. Over the next month or two as I live in transition, spending time at home and the beach with family, last visits to Richmond, DC and maybe New York posts may be infrequent but there are a few way to keep track of my adventures, musing and just pictures I enjoy.

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