Sunday, June 19, 2011

craft night part II

More photography from the half-broken camera, posted well after it was shot. Craft night is a wonderful monthly event that introduced me to some of the finest women in Richmond. After our first event making terrariums, we significantly upped the ante by deciding to decorate shoes. We had a few inspiration images from DIY blogs- these and these but mostly these fun wedges. After initial fears, everyone dove in and create their own unique shoes. Our next craft night is already coming up this weekend so it's high time I shared these!

[My wedges in progress]

[Ribbon glued and sewn onto canvas shoes]

[Hand painting anchors]

[Following the neon trend]

[Also decorated: bags]

[... and nails.]

1 comment:

L.R. said...

Your wedges and the anchors are my fave! This is such a fun idea. I'm gonna have to think about what I could do to some cheapo canvas shoes!
Yay crafts!