Saturday, October 17, 2009

two minute lunch: coppola's deli

The first time I went to Coppola's was the first day I was in my new office. It seemed perfect- on the same block, grab a decent sandwich and be back in time for a conference call. I wanted an Italian sub- lots of cured meats and a bit of lettuce and tomato. As often happens, I was sidetracked by the menu and ended up ordering a Club sandwich. It came loaded- turkey, ham and bacon- all quality meats. I knew I'd be back but it took me a couple weeks.

This week's been rainy so I haven't ventured far from my office. I went back to Coppola's on Tuesday and once again the menu distracted me. My office had been cold all day so when I saw tomato soup and a grilled cheese, I knew that would be what I wanted. I decided to eat in and the service was good if a bit standard. The soup was much better than the sandwich. Given the quality of products in my Club sandwich, I had expected a crustier bread and actual cheese. Instead I got a diner grilled cheese- Kraft American and sliced bread. The tomato soup was better- creamy and flecked with black pepper and crushed tomatoes.

When I got back to my office, I was going to write a post but my two meals were so conflicting. I looked up what others thought online and most rate the deli highly. I learned that the original Coppola's is in Carytown, and given that it is the only one referenced on clearly the favorite. I'll keep to the one down the block.

So yesterday when at 1:53 I realized I still hadn't eaten lunch, I ran down planning on that Italian sub. But the rainy weather once again lead to craving a hot meal and after passing three people eating meatball subs, I had to have one. It was $7 well spent- 6 meatballs on a great hoagie. The sauce was particularly flavorful and clearly made fresh. I ate half and was full then snacked on the rest late afternoon which kept me full until 8pm.

I'm looking forward to more visits to my corner deli- I still need my Italian sub... maybe after I get one of these?

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