Monday, October 27, 2014

making things

Grad school. Three semesters in with one to go. I had been warned there would be a lull, or rather, a huge dip in motivation in this third semester. It's true. I've found it incredibly hard to be motivated to get my work done and at times, hard to be creative at all.

Making things has been extremely limited during my program, but it's hit an all time high. I get caught in a cycle of having school work to do so I put off creative activities (or social activities or exercise activities,) but then I procrastinate on actually doing the school work so I have no time later to do the creative activities. After three months, I finally got my act together and spent a fantastic few hours making new earrings for Concept 47. And I semi-blogged here this weekend (really just a little read more repost.)

It felt great.

So the question is, how do I do this more?

Image from Spacebarn on Scoutmob. 

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