Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

I have no flag cakes or adorable picnic spreads planned, instead plans consist of just showing up at friends backyards with drinks and store bought snacks. So today is the perfect day to share with you a recent "project" aka evening of fun times for my friend, the talented Karen Kanan Correa of The Future Brite.

The shoot consisted of a a slow-motion camera that captures 2,000 frames per second (typical video cameras capture 60) and some illegal-almost-everywhere-in-the-Bay-Area sparklers. Highly illicit stuff, yes, but we headed to the one town they are permitted and found some public land, though I forget the name of the park. I absolutely love sparklers and fireworks so am glad to have had an excuse to play with them before the Fourth.

The video is now "in production" but you can hear The Future Brite here. Happy Fourth of July!

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