Friday, April 20, 2012

affordable art festival

[Peter Bastaja's Symphonic No.1]

I'm sitting in my kitchen/dining area looking at too many blank walls and wishing I could make it to New York's Annual Affordable Art Festival. Partner-in-Crime is in NYC right now, maybe he'll bring me back something to liven this place up. In its eleventh year, the Affordable Art Festival also runs in Los Angeles and Seattle, but somehow San Francisco is not on the list.

Original art should be more accessible, and the issue often isn't cost; there are plenty of young and undiscovered artists who sell their work at (relatively) affordable rates. (And let's remember the art should be expensive enough to pay a decent living to the artist!) The issue often is the difficulty of connecting artists and art buyers in non-intimidating ways. Seems like the Affordable Art Festivals are doing just that.


blue roses said...


the filmmaker stares at all of my blank white walls and laments... he wants so badly to just take some paint to them and go to town. sigh. renting!

L.R. said...

This is such a great idea for a festival!
David asked me recently what I would charge for one of my copycat paintings. First off, I'm copying so I couldn't sell but... if that wasn't an ethical issue, I still have no idea!

You have GOT to get some cheap canvases and paint and just got to town!