Thursday, January 26, 2012

how to: spray painting leather

Sometimes I have pieces on my closet that I love, but over time I come to love more out of sentiment than the style itself. A purse I bought on a trip in early high school to El Salvador is one of those favored items. I love (most) the memories of the trip, but haven't actually carried the bag in many years. On the style and DIY blogs I read, I've been seeing lots of neon and spray paint and a jolt of color is just what this bag needs to wake it up. So thanks to Geneva of A Pair and a Spare for the many neon inspirations, including a market bag, and to Kristen of Glitter and Glue for helping me be brave enough to spray paint a leather purse. 

I mentioned on twitter that I painted another bag that didn't turn out so well. It was a canvas tote with writing so be sure to use primer if you need to cover up a design first. If you can find the color you want, I'd definitely recommend using fabric paint on canvas instead of spray paint. Additionally, make sure you have that tape down securely at the edges!

This how-to is for spray painting leather though, so follow the simple steps below!

[The purse originally]

[Taping off the area to be painted. Prime first if you need to.]

[After one coat, a little splotchy]

[Two coats, a little bleeding but luckily on the hidden area]


I have thought about making the design highlight the embossed leaf/feather design more, but I like the simplicity of  stripe of neon showing through. What do you think- did I make the right call?


Lara said...

I love it and I'm glad you left the leaf alone. Maybe some brown paint to match to cover up the bleeding?
You did a great job!

Eli said...

Oooh I actually really love this. What a great way to spruce up a bag you may find at a thrift store! I actually have a whole bag I'd like to try this on.

Erin- Thanks I Made It said...

What a great way to update a sentimental piece. I know I have a collection of those collecting dust!