Monday, October 11, 2010

shopping spree: jcrew warehouse

To continue the weekend review, on Monday I woke up with plan of being lazy until a massage at 4 and yet a desire for adventure. I lay in bed picking out the perfect outfit for the day. A few weeks ago when in DC, I picked up a dress from the Tucker for Target collection. Between work and the weather, I hadn't gotten a chance to wear it. I paired with my newest thrifted purse, a necklace I made, a navy H&M cardigan and brown ballet flats. Below are some pictures taken in my basement cave-room.

So what was I to do looking so adorable? I ended up going to brunch at Shafer (yes, the VCU dining hall), then delivering lunch to a friend in the West End. I realized between where I currently was and my scheduled massage was the JCrew Regional Warehouse sale. There goes my savings for the month! I bought a basic black blazer ($50), a black Sophia dress ($25), and two pieces below. A great gray work dress ($25) that can be dressed a lot of ways and a sparkly silver and white blazer ($50.) I also bought 5 bathing suit parts that can be combined in a couple of different ways. They were supposed to be $3 a piece but I was charged for child's suits so it was $5 total.

What do you think? Worth blowing my shopping budget on four items? I'm pretty happy with them.


Anonymous said...

I really love - and my favorites are - the last two. Holler! Corporate Sexy!

L.R. said...

Those things will last you a lifetime! You look great!