Saturday, May 1, 2010

is it spring or summer?

Today it's 85 degrees out and the farmers market opening was packed when I got there at 9:30 am. The Ithaca Farmers Market spoiled me with their 30 mile limit, awesome prepared foods, wine tasting and entertainment. When I first got to Richmond, the growing season was ending and I only went down to the 17th Street Market which didn't really impress me.

Today I went to get the second pickup of my CSA. I'm headed to DC Wednesday and then Ithaca for the weekend, so I tried not to get carried away (which I did the first week.) The South of the James Market is incredible. Definitely has some similarities to the Ithaca Market, on a hot day like today I just wish it was also covered (and sold wine!) But there was bluegrass, Nate's Taco Truck along with many other food vendors, local crafts and more.

[Delicious veggies from Victory Farms CSA]

[Plants to buy and grow]

[Live poultry- not actually for sale]

[Little bit of hippie]

[Little bit of the South]

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