Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ciao bella

How have I not written about Ciao Bella before? I'm glad I haven't because until recently I thought Ciao Bella was good just for delectable fruit sorbets. An independent on-campus eatery started stocking single serving cups of Ciao Bella Mango Sorbet. The ingredient list? Mango, Water, Sugar and Lemon Juice.

After graduation, I found Ciao Bella in a few grocery stores, mostly more high end like my boyfriend's coop in Berkeley where I picked up the Blood Orange Sorbet. I was in Target picking up a few holiday gifts and found a whole new world of Ciao Bella... Maple Ginger Snap Gelato.

The perfect winter treat, it does taste just like a soft ginger cookie (there is no snap, but I'm glad for the smooth, creamy texture.) The maple flavor is subtle and ties together the cream and sugar-ginger. Luckily, despite the seasonal feel, it is not one of the four 'seasonal' flavors for Ciao Bella. Though come summer, I know I'll be back to downing the Mango Sorbet!

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